5 reasons why you should check Interim Info first.

#1 Interiminfo: answers all your questions about temporary agency work

Interim Info is a project realised by VFU-FFI and was set up as part of the Welqome project (www.welqome.be).
Interiminfo.be is the first e-learning platform on temporary agency work. Since it has been launched, this concept has received a great deal of support and has been very successful. It has been regularly used in various workshops and information sessions to provide answers to all questions concerning temporary agency work.

#2 Interiminfo: an update was necessary

The former e-learning platform was in need of an update, not only the content but also the visuals could do with a make-over.
Temporary employment agencies, legal advisors, youth coaches and volunteers gathered in working groups and brainstormed on the content of this new e-learning tool. In order to answer all the questions, from start to finish, we chose to cover the entire process, starting from ‘looking for work’ and finishing with ‘end of assignment’.

#3 Interiminfo: easy access and smooth navigation are key

In order to be able to inform our target group better and in a more structured way different chapters were developed. Visitors can choose to either go on the guided tour through the entire e-learning or navigate directly to a specific chapter and find the answer to their questions in a quicker way. The search engine has been developed in such a way that no time is wasted.

#4 Interiminfo: checked and double-checked

In order to guarantee a high quality e-learning platform, HR students were given the opportunity to give feedback on the visuals and text of the new e-learning course, from the point of view of a consultant as well as a job seeker/job student. Additionally, we asked Pimento, a knowledge centre about youth work to advise us on the best way to communicate with young people. Finally, we consulted Wablieft, an organisation promoting plain language, to proofread the text on the e-learning platform.

#5 Interiminfo: a work in progress

The e-learning platform is a dynamic and evolving tool. Keeping it up-to-date is our top priority. If you see a mistake or if you think you have information that can be of added value to our visitors, don’t hesitate to let us know through the contact page on the website. Enjoy this e-learning!

Surf to the e-learning platform and discover everything you need to know about temporary work now!